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~Pet Pawtraits~

Each Pet Pawtrait is painted from a reference photo. Each painting is completely unique and captures the essence of the pet using a watercolour style I've developed over the past number of years since I began with my cat, Marty. 

These are available as commissions over on KoFiEtsy

~ G A L A X Y   P A W T R A I T S ~

I hand paint each Pet Pawtrait based off of reference photos sent by my clients. Each painting is completely unique and I absolutely love creating special portraits for people!

Size 6x8" 

~ F U L L   W A T E R C O L O U R  ~

These full watercolour pieces are painted directly from reference photos sent by clients. I take the essence of the photo and create a painting of the likeness of the pet.

*These are only opened occasionally for Commission and may not be available on my Etsy 

~ T I P S   O N   R E F E R E N C E   P H O T O S  ~

Comic cat illustration on how to take photos Pt.1
Comic cat illustration on how to take photos Pt.2

A good reference photo is essential for a good painting as I need to see detail and colour/patterns of fur in order to create an accurate likeness of a pet. Some photos may be cute, but do not make for good references. Think of it as if your pet was having their school photo!

This video can be helpful in showing you how to take photos of your pet. Use treats and stay persistent and you'll get a great photo for a reference!

Credit to Mitch Pet Portraits for the use of his video

Tips on Reference Photos
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