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Hello!! It's Jacqueline or Galacticat, and I am an artist and content creator based in Adelaide, Australia. My goal is to share my art and make people smile. As long as I can spread some light into someone's world by doing what I do, I will continue to create.

I love tea, cats, Pokemon, and wholesome vibes so if that sounds like your kind of thing, I'd love to meet you and for you to stick around!!

I work mostly in watercolour to create what I like to call 'Celestial Cottagecore'  style pieces, and can be found creating my art over on Twitch. I sell prints of my work as well as custom Pokemon and Pet Pawtraits on KoFi.

I enjoy painting Pokemon every Monday (PokeMonday), and stream other types of art on Wednesday's and Friday's. I've created a series of Zodiac themed Cats (Zodicats) based off of each Astrological sign, many many Pokemon, and have recently opened up memberships on my KoFi.


I officially started Galacticat in 2018, after changing my name from 'Vulpix17'. I had embarked on a journey to practice art for 30 days using different mediums. On one of those days I painted my cat, Marty, and from there, my business began. I started getting requests to paint other pets and have now sent them all over the world.

In 2019 I started my YouTube channel to expand my skills into content creation and to express myself in a different way. This also gave me an opportunity to explore new art styles and connect with other artsy people.

In 2020, after many nerves and much encouragement from a good friend and fellow Twitch streamer, I began to do livestreams of my art too. Similarly to YouTube, it allowed me to explore new styles but also chat with some amazing people and connect to my audience in a whole new way. I very quickly started to grow my own community and get to hang out with them every week on my streams.

By 2022, I travelled the world to attend my first TwitchCon. An amazing experience I shared with fellow streamer and now Fiancé, Mitch (Freakmeister1). I met so many people who I had come to know as part of the Twitch community in real life, and then spent 3 months in the US afterwards. You can read about my experience in my Blog.

I have so many dreams and ambitions for the future of Galacticat, and I hope you'll enjoy the journey with me

Jacqueline xx



My home studio

Me and Merlin

Me and Freakmeister at TwitchCon

~Meet the GalactiKitties~

I have two cats, a black void named Merlin, and a Calico named Marty. They come and visit my livestream on Twitch from time to time and have both played an essential role on my journey, providing me with inspiration for many pieces, and cuddles when things don't always go as planned. 



Merlin is my black void cat and my first fur baby. I had always wanted a black cat since I was young and when a friend of mine had some kittens, I fell in love with this little black floof. Her sisters were all tuxedo long haired cats, but Merlin was the smallest with short hair. It was originally suspected that she was a boy, and was first named 'Mickey' by my friend. I had already selected the name 'Merlin' before finding out her gender, but decided to keep the name anyway.


Marty is the second addition to the family. She's a calico with the shape and personality of a Siamese. She came from a shelter and was originally named 'Zinnia'. I had planned to call her 'Morgana' but upon taking her home I went with 'Marty' as a more feminine version of 'Arthur'. She's a very vocal cat and likes to alert everyone when she's got her favourite toy, and when it's her favourite time of day, dinner time. Marty is a year younger than Merlin, but quite a bit bigger than her!

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