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These are a collection of cat illustrations based off of Zodiac signs that I originally created for a series over on YouTube ~ You can watch the playlist HERE ~ however I never finished the last three signs (sorry Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces!!) but never fear!! I have finished working on the Zodicats 2.0 over on TWITCH

Each Zodicat has a Pinterest board dedicated to the aesthetic of each sign in order to help me paint these. Check them out HERE

~ Z O D I C A T S   2 . 0 ~

This time around, I am using elements of the Original Zodicats (below) to create new pieces. I am also adding in the floral emblems for each illustration and am giving them a Tarot card feel

~ O R I G I N A L  Z O D I C A T S ~

I started Zodicats in 2020 on my YouTube channel and never finished them as I moved over to Live Streaming on Twitch. These are the ones I finished back then. It's a good indicator of how far my art progress has come! 

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