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I currently have a few options for you to choose from to buy commissions, prints, or stickers, as well as to support me as an artist.


Above links will redirect you to

KoFi (preferred)

You may have heard of Patreon, well let me introduce KoFi.


It's kind of like Patreon except I can sell commissions and products from there, as well as offer monthly memberships and accept donations from those who would like to support me further. 

KoFi takes NO FEES and all money from my shop sales goes to supporting me as an artist. Because of this, my prices on KoFi are CHEAPER than Etsy. 

There are extra options for commissions on KoFi and followers there will have access to new products first. 


Etsy is the site everyone knows and loves, and many already have an account, so I understand if you are more comfortable using this method. 

Etsy does take a LOT of fees from sellers on their platform though, so for this reason, the prices there are HIGHER than you'll find on KoFi.


Etsy is an established site dedicated to selling, where KoFi is quite new and dedicated to more than just shop fronts, so does not offer as many features as Etsy in that regard.  


Something you'd like to ask me? Feel free to message me on Discord or send an Email! 

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