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Thank you for Subscribing to my Channel at Tier 2!

Now you can order your free 4x6 inch Pokémon Print! 

(Please read all Terms & Conditions below before submitting!)

~ P O K É M O N   O P T I O N S ~

(NOTE: These are photos of the ORIGINALS, not the prints themselves as they will be printed on demand)

~ P L A C E   Y O U R   O R D E R ~

Terms & Conditions

- This is a Tier 2 Subscription Perk. 

- You MUST provide your correct username on Twitch as evidence that you are Subscribed at Tier 2

- You may NOT share this link with anyone else. They will not receive the print unless they are subscribed at Tier 2 on Twitch

- The print will be a Pokémon of your choice which I have previously painted on Twitch

- You may NOT ask for a Pokémon I have not painted

- The print will be 4x6 inches in size and printed on 240 gsm premium matte paper

- You may NOT make copies of the print, it is for personal use only

- As this requires your home address, you must seek consent with your parent or guardian if you are underage