Influences - #3 Verity Jayne

Hey there!! I didn't update my blog last week because I've been super focused on doing a 30 Days of Dogs Challenge over on my YouTube channel!! Have you been watching them? Go leave a comment on your favourite one so far!! I'll leave a link to the playlist here.

I hatched this idea a while ago, I wanted to try mini paintings and thought it would be a good opportunity to coincide with the launch of my YouTube channel. I tried my first one with my fur brother, Tiger, considering I had painted his brother, Turbo almost exactly a year ago!! Here's how it turned out!!

So lets talk about Tiger's fur mum, Verity. A woman in my life who is both supportive and inspiring. Watching her grow her own business whilst getting thrown through life's up tiddly up ups and down tiddly up ups - as my Dad once said, is nothing less than incredible. She successfully runs her own kitchen designing business, I'll leave a link to her website here, so she's an artist of a different kind compared to the last few influences I've written about.

She entered my life when I was a young girl and I have always looked up to and admired her. I remember asking her to help me read a book I had received for my birthday on the very first day that I met her. Since then she has been an amazing role model, I even wanted to start dancing because of her!! I wasn't very good, and I didn't do it for long.. I look like a baby giraffe trying to walk when I dance, my limbs just don't know what to do!! I never had the gracefulness that she had, despite 'Grace' being my middle name.

Both her and my dad have always supported me and encouraged me in my art, and I can't thank them enough. It was them who first gave me the idea of starting a YouTube channel, and it took me a few years but I'm finally doing it. I'm finding my groove and my style in the art world because of them, and being able to bounce ideas off of Verity's creative mind has been super helpful throughout this journey. Thank you both for being there for me through everything!!

Show Verity some support by checking out her links below!!

Her Pinterest page is seriously AMAZING

and don't forget to go and visit her website

Even if you're not in the market for a new kitchen, it's super satisfying to look at all the perfectly matched decor and colour choices!!

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- J ♥


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