Influences - #1 Emma Witte

Digital artwork of Emma and her dog, Rhodie!

HELLO THERE!!! I apologise for taking so long to update my blog!! It's been a crazy few months during which I FINALLY UPLOADED MY FIRST VIDEO TO YOUTUBE!! I'm super excited about it, can you tell?! I even animated my own intro too!! You can check it out at the link below and SUBSCRIBE to my channel while you're there!! (Leave a comment about how you like the intro too, okay? okay!!)

ANYWAY, I'm here to talk about some people who have influenced me throughout the past year and a half, the ones who really helped me progress and improve. Even though I don't know them personally, the impact these people have made on me and my art is immeasurable. I will be doing a series of these, mainly because I can't summarise the awesomeness of these people in just one post (otherwise it will take me all night to write, and will take you an hour to read) so keep an eye out for further installments in the coming weeks. I will be posting links for you to check out each of these people as well, so once you're done here, go have a look and you might find your own inspiration in them too!!

---- WAIT, I have to interrupt to show you my cat who has just snuggled into my lap as I'm writing this!!! ----

---- Okay, back to our previously scheduled programme ----


I actually discovered Emma's Instagram page through a Facebook video of her writing various Pokemon names in the most beautiful hand lettering I had ever seen!! I HAD to find her to see if she had written my personal favourite, 'Vulpix', so I creepily stalked her feed, scrolled forever, and finally found it!! Apparently this discovery happened 112 weeks ago according to the comment I left on that post... yes, I creeped again to find out this information, ha! Check it out yourself here. It was a fair while after this though, that I signed up to my first class through her online tutoring service, learning how to paint galaxies in watercolour. Since then, I completed a few more classes which you can find and try out yourself at The Watercolour Academy. I also purchased her book on Hand Lettering, watched her create her own line of watercolour paints, and I've painted her doggo, Rhodie. (Which you'll be able to see on my YouTube channel in the very near future!!)

Seriously, the accomplishments this amazing legend has achieved is super inspiring!! From working a 9-5 job to now being a successful artist, tutor, business owner, and everything in between, it's hard not to admire her.

I've learned so much from Emma, but I think the biggest impact she has had, is that she was living proof that I could pursue art and actually be successful. Without her, I would probably never have pushed outside my comfort zone and put myself and my art out there as much as I do now. I wouldn't have started my YouTube channel, I wouldn't have tried new things. The fact that she is a fellow Australian who has been successful in the art world was even more uplifting!! Getting real deep here, but I struggle a lot with thinking I'm not good enough, and the internet can be a really harsh and discouraging place when it comes to expressing yourself, but participating in Emma's classes and having her support really made a difference. I have a long way to go and I am still discovering my groove but having someone like Emma to look up to has, and will continue to be, a great inspiration to me.

Go send her some love on her socials and don't forget to check out classes through the Watercolour Academy!! Let me know in the comments below if you sign up and which classes you try out!!

The Watercolour Academy

Black Chalk Co. on Facebook

Emma Witte on Instagram

Black Chalk Co. on YouTube

Emma Witte on Skillshare

See you next week!!!

-J ♥


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