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My early logo compared to my current one

I get a lot of mixed reactions when I tell someone my art name, 'Galacticat Art'. Some people think it's cute and creative (which is what I was going for!) but others seem slightly confused. I think once they see it written down, they understand more. It looks so pretty all drawn up in the galaxy style calligraphy I went with. This was actually one of the main factors in choosing my name, the way it looked as a logo. It was not an easy decision though! Read on to find out the process I went through, and some of the other options I brainstormed for my art name. Feel free to leave a comment on which one you would have picked!!

WAAAY back, before I even started painting in watercolour, I was actually making custom 'Harry Potter' style wands and other little trinkets, like Patronus charms from Polymer Clay. I touched on this in my last blog post, but it was my very early starting point in terms of thinking of business ideas. Back then, I called myself, 'Pix Wizarding Supplies'. It didn't last long, it was a cool idea, but it was too much of a niche market in Australia, and as I mentioned in my last post, it would have been hard to sustain it internationally. And so, eventually, that idea faded off, my Facebook and Instagram pages were pretty much forgotten, and I moved on.

I believe it was a good half a year, or maybe longer, before I picked up those old Facebook and Instagram pages again, and decided to document my 30 Days of Art challenge I had set for myself in March 2018. I had hopes that it would stretch beyond that, and I would continue posting my artistic endeavors, but I knew I couldn't post under 'Pix Wizarding Supplies', that would be a bit weird, right? So I went back to basics, and just changed it to my online alias and added the word 'art' at the end, making it 'Vulpix17 Art', so original... This worked for me, for a time at least. I was even using this in my early days of selling Pet Pawtraits, but once more and more people started becoming interested in my work, I came to the realisation that I couldn't continue using the name 'Vulpix', on account of it being owned by Pokemon. At that point, I was at a loss. I didn't want to be basic and just call myself 'Jacqueline Grace Art' or something similar. It works really well for many artists, but it wasn't for me. I wanted something unique, something people would hear and think, 'oh what an interesting name', regardless of if they thought it was cute and creative, or a bit strange, it would be something they'd remember, or recognised upon hearing it.

This is where I spent a reeeeally long time brainstorming. I had always been known as Vulpix17, how could I even come up with something else that still feels like me? I had a running list in my notes on my phone. Going with the theme of vulpine/foxes, some of my ideas included 'Emerald Fox', 'Saturn Fox', 'Grace & Fox', 'VulpArt'... but none of them felt right either. I thought of playing on my own name and came up with ones like, 'Graceful Sphynx', 'Cosmic Grace', or something with my nickname like, 'JazzyCat' without sounding too much like art YouTuber, Draw With Jazza. But again, none of them vibed with me. I was really fond of 'Snowblossom'... but err.... don't look that up on Urban Dictionary...

Through all my name brainstorming, I noticed that I seemed to have a theme of galaxies or space. I played with mixing random space words with my cat's name like, 'Mercury Merlin', and I recruited my space obsessed brother to think of some cool space words I could use that would go nicely with it. That's when I first played around with what would become the one name that fit. 'Galacticat'. It flowed off the tongue nicely, it looked amazing to write; whenever I thought of something cool, I wrote it down in calligraphy to see how it looked. I tried all the name variations I mentioned, I'm sure I have the notebook somewhere, covered in random name ideas that never made it. But 'Galacticat' just popped off the page, as if it were saying, 'pick me!'. The rest is history! I used a galaxy lettering technique I had learned from a short watercolour course by Black Chalk Co. to create my very first logo, and once again, submitted my final name change to Facebook and Instagram.

That was 9 months ago, in early July 2018. My whole page and business (and logo) have changed a LOT since then and I have all of my supporters to thank for it, so if you're reading this, THANK YOU!! You are AWESOME, and I hope I continue to have your support!

Love Galacticat



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