~Pet Pawtraits~

Here is a collection of my favourite Pet Pawtraits. I have a few different styles starting from my full watercolour paintings, to my watercolour and ink 'Galaxy Mini's', and most recently, I have began to offer sketches in graphite.

All of these are available as commissions over on Etsy

~ F U L L   W A T E R C O L O U R ~

I hand paint each Pet Pawtrait based off of reference photos sent by my clients. Each painting is completely unique and I absolutely love creating special portraits for people!

Sizing ranges between 6x8" and 8x10"

~ G A L A X Y   M I N I ' S ~

Similar to my full watercolour pieces, these are hand painted from reference photos. These have an added galaxy in the background and use a pen for outlines and details. Stars are added in acrylic paint pen.

Sizing is 4x6"

~ S K E T C H E S ~

The most recent in my list of available commissions, these are sketches in graphite. This list has yet to be added to so please check back soon when my latest pieces reach their owners as I like to keep it secret!

Sizing is 6x8"

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