~Pet Pawtraits~

Here is a collection of my favourite Pet Pawtraits. I have a few different styles starting from my full watercolour paintings, to my watercolour and ink 'Galaxy Mini's', and most recently, I have began to offer sketches in graphite.

All of these are available as commissions over on Etsy

~ F U L L   W A T E R C O L O U R ~

I hand paint each Pet Pawtrait based off of reference photos sent by my clients. Each painting is completely unique and I absolutely love creating special portraits for people!

Sizing ranges between 6x8" and 8x10"

~ G A L A X Y   M I N I ' S ~

Similar to my full watercolour pieces, these are hand painted from reference photos. These have an added galaxy in the background and use a pen for outlines and details. Stars are added in acrylic paint pen.

Sizing is 4x6"

~ S K E T C H E S ~

The most recent in my list of available commissions, these are sketches in graphite and are fast becoming my most popular commission type!!

Sizing is 6x8"